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Tomb Raider

The Dagger of Xi'an

Adventures of Lara Croft

The Last Revelation

Tomb Raider: Chronicles

The Angel of Darkness

Tomb Raider: Legend

古墓丽影 周年纪念 tomb raider Anniversary
古墓丽影8 地下世界 tomb raider Underworld
劳拉与光之守护着 光明守护者 Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light
古墓丽影9 tomb raider 2013
劳拉与奥西里斯神庙 Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
古墓丽影:崛起 Rise of The Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Tomb Raider: Underworld




Rise of The Tomb Raider

Next Tomb Raider


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  来自官方社区发布的《古墓丽影:崛起》雅各英文配音演员菲利普·安东尼-罗德里格斯(Philip Anthony-Rodriguez)访谈,点击访问原文页面。

Twitter: @PhilAnthonyRod
Facebook Page: Philip Anthony-Rodriguez

  Rai : Have you played any of the previous Tomb Raider games?
  Rai(提问者网名,本文不翻译,以下相同): 你之前有玩过古墓丽影游戏吗?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Rai, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't played any of the previous Tomb Raider games. BUT, in being a part of Rise of the Tomb Raider, I am now a certified Super Fan! Especially when you consider how advanced and beautiful looking this newest version is. Between the game action, storytelling and graphics, I can't pull away from it. It Rocks!! [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Valenka : What did you enjoy the most about your work in Rise of the Tomb Raider?
  Show Valenka: 你在《古墓丽影:崛起》中最享受你的哪部分工作?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Valenka, great question! I'd have to say that what I enjoyed most about my work on Rise was portraying such a vital character to the game and story. As well as someone who is an important ally and friend to Lara. It was fun to see the trust and friendship grow throughout the game. I also loved the process of filming the performance capture for the scenes in the game. It's like you're doing an actual movie...but you're wearing these funny looking wetsuits and head gear. That and doing the actual voice work in the booth was a lot of fun! [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Gitb97: How was getting into the role of Jacob?
  Show Gitb97: 怎么融入雅各这个角色的?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hey Gitb97! Getting into the role of Jacob was awesome! When I found out I was cast in the role, I was so excited. He is such a cool character because there are so many layers to him and what he's all about. He's a leader, a warrior, a mystic and an ally to Lara. I did a lot of preparing for him. Like the way he speaks. I also had to get into physical shape, since the part calls for a lot of physical stuff during production. It is by far, one of the proudest moments I've had being involved in a game like this. [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Metalrocks: What was the most difficult part to do?
  Show Metalrocks:最困难的一件事是什么?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Metalrocks! I'd have to say the most difficult part to do in Rise of the Tomb Raider was the performance capture for the cinematics or scenes in the game. We have to wear wetsuit type gear, get our faces "mapped" for the video cameras to record our expressions and those cameras are attached to some heavy head gear we have to wear throughout filming. It's a lot of fun but it can be a bit of a grind. That said, I wouldn't change it for the world. I LOVE what I do in creating iconic video game characters!  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Steel_Wing: What was your inspiration behind how you played the character?
  Show Stee_Wing: 你在扮演(雅各)这个角色的时候有哪些灵感?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Steel_Wing! Great question! I have to say that my main inspiration for Jacob was my Dad. He was always a very nurturing, brave, strong, helpful and trusting man. Many of the qualities that we see in Jacob. I think his tough and roughish demeanor comes more from Han Solo of Star Wars fame. Another character I drew inspiration from. He kind of reminds me of him too!  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Heidi_w_ : How much background information were you provided with regards to the story and/or your characters and motivations prior to recording your dialogue?
  Show Heidi_w_:在录制对话之前,你对故事和/或者你的角色的背景信息和动机了解得多吗?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Heidi! Awesome question! Fortunately for me as an actor, I was given quite a bit of background on Jacob. The producers and game designers were pretty detailed in what they wanted Jacob to be: A mysterious figure that Lara comes across who holds the key to her solving the mystery of what she seeks. But even with the physical and personal characteristics presented for Jacob, it's up to me to "flesh him out" and make him as real and human as possible. I find motivation in trying to put myself in Jacob's position. Looking at the stakes and his relationship to Lara AND his own people. I try to convey that with my voice performance as well as his physicality with the performance capture. [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]

  Show gigantism : Were there any lines that you wanted to see in the game that didn't end up making the final cut? Deleted scenes, so to speak.
  Show gigantism:游戏中有你不希望删掉的台词吗?简单来说,就是剪掉的场景。

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hey gigantism! Great question. Unfortunately there weren't very many scenes or lines for me that were cut. Everything for me stayed in from the beginning. But there are always instances in gaming where lines and even whole scenes are deleted...or changed for the purposes of telling a better story. Sorry pal, wish I had some juicy tidbits for ya'! [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]

  Show Heidi_w_ : Were you allowed to tweak or offer suggestions with regards to your dialogue?
  Show Heidi_w_:你可以就你的台词做出一些变更或者提出意见吗?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Heidi_w! Actually, yes...I was able to do that on a few occasions. As an actor, you want to respect the writer's words and not stray too far off what they intended with their storytelling. Sometimes, there are VERY specific reasons behind why they wrote what they wrote. That said, sometimes the dialogue doesn't quite work for whatever reason and it gets tweaked. I have pretty good instincts as an actor and many times a writer will ask for suggestions on "how to make a line sound better". It's nice to know that they are open to that when needed but also that most times, they like my take on things too.  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Rai : What was your favourite scene to perform?
  Show Rai:你在游戏中最喜爱的表演是哪段?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi Rai! Oooh, that's a tough one to answer, since I had so many fun scenes to shoot. I do have to say that the scene toward the ending, where Jacob gives Lara the ok to destroy the Source, was pretty cool! It is, after all, a death scene for Jacob...but everything leading up to it builds up nicely. [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]

  Show Daring_Do : What was your favorite line in the game?
  Show Daring_Do:你在游戏中最喜爱的台词是哪句?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hi -Daring_Do! Gosh, there are a few that I like. But I have to say my favorite is when Jacob is about the die. He says to Lara, "In all my years, I've met few as extraordinary as you...It's finally happening,...my ending." I think it's a cool line because he's almost relieved that he's passing on like any other human being. Sometimes immortality isn't all that it's cracked up to be, I guess.  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]

  Show Lyle Croft : What do you think of the character Jacob? Do you see him as sort of a short-term father figure in Lara's life? Do you speak any other languages like the Prophet? Do you know how to fight like Jacob?
  Show Lyle Croft:你如何看待雅各这个角色?你是否有觉得他在劳拉的生命中扮演了一个短暂的父亲形象?你像先知一样会说其它语言吗?你能像雅各一样知道怎么打斗吗?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Great questions, Lyle Croft! Cool name, by the way. I absolutely LOVED playing Jacob! He has so many facets to him. He's an immortal, a man who has a wealth of knowledge about the world and the mysteries of Kitezh and the Divine Source. He's a loving father but he can also be a fierce warrior. I like the way he and Lara cross paths and ultimately end up as friends and allies. I do also think he is a sort of father-figure to Lara. Especially when she confesses to Jacob why she is seeking the Divine Source and what it meant for Lord Croft. She's taken up the mantle of continuing her father's work. Jacob sees that. He also sympathizes with her loss as well as her "mission". In addition to English, of course, I speak fluent Spanish and I "dabble" in about five other languages. So maybe I do have a similar grasp of different languages like the Prophet. As for my fighting skills, I have been practicing western style boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing for over ten years now. So I could take care of myself if I ever got into a scuffle with Trinity...or anyone else for that matter.  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]


  Show Metalrocks: Did you feel sad that your character had to die?
  Show Metalrocks:你对你扮演的角色最终会死去感到悲伤吗?

  Philip Anthony-Rodriguez (Jacob): Hey Metalrocks! Oh it made me VERY sad to know that my character had to die. Mostly because, unless something strange happens, I won't have the opportunity to come back as Jacob in any future Tomb Raider games! . But, I do go away knowing that my character was an integral part of a very exciting and popular game and series. And THAT is worth the price of a (fake) death.  [From Rise of the Tomb Raider Voice Actor Interview (March 2016)]

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