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16 years after its release on the PC, a team of two dedicated Tomb Raider fans have made the original Tomb Raider's expansion pack, Unfinished Business, a reality on the PlayStation 1. A dream come true for the many Tomb Raider and PlayStation fans out there. Compared to the PC version, it runs without any annoying compatibility issues, provided it's loaded on devices that offer proper PS1 support or emulation. This makes it a great solution for those who were unable to play it before.

- Gh0stBlade: project leader; level conversion from PC -> PS1
- jonathanrij: testing; additional problem solving

Update log

Current status
Finished, but with PS1 engine constraints taken into account. Due to memory limits, all mutants in the Egypt levels have been replaced with panthers. This is to ensure smooth, uninterrupted gameplay without compromising the level experience too much.

Gameplay footage:

Please excuse the darkness of the video, some settings were accidentally altered.

To play it safe, we will only distribute the following assets:
PS1 level files
loading screens
CDDA track list

Audio track list (order necessary for audio triggering):
2. Tomb Raider 1 theme
3. Egypt ambience (wind)
4. Atlantis ambience (heartbeat)
13. Secret chime

The ambience tracks can be found on TR2 discs as track 29 and 30, respectively. TR1 Gold discs with CDDA (like from the Premier Collection) should obviously contain them too, with the same track numbers as stated above.


It's up to the people themselves what they intend to do with these files. If there is any harm/damage incurred by the usage of them, we are not responsible.

Please do not ask how to use these files on PlayStation hardware.

This is a completely non-profit fan project. If you feel that the release of these files has somehow infringed your rights and you'd like them to be removed, please contact us or a forum administrator and they will be removed as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Finalization of previously mentioned items. Texture conversion based on custom positions was replaced with automatic texture conversion and is pretty much done.
The project is around 95% done. Egypt now loads correctly with the winged mutant, but there are some camera and crashing issues every now and then due to boxes/zones being partially removed. This is in order to avoid breaching. The levels are therefore playable, but still unoptimized. A new way to effectively remove boxes/zones in inaccessible areas will be looked into to allow uninterrupted gameplay.
Link to original post, here.

A number of things were worked on, which include custom texture position import to divide textures properly, a boxes/zones removal tool to allow the presence of winged mutants, underwater palette generation and the final exceptions of mesh conversion.
Link to original post, here.

Texture co-ordinate code is implemented and texture pages as a whole are temporarily converted to 4 bit.
Link to original post, here.

All new lighting info is imported into the Atlantis levels. 
Egypt levels load after experimenting with removal of objects. The levels are now playable without the winged mutants. Most likely cause is memory allocation limits on the boxes and zones overlaps.
Texture conversion code is in progress.
Link to original post, here.

Gh0stBlade creates new .PHD -> .PSX conversion tool, with everything supported besides textures conversion. Lighting is now 100% accurate and full WAD conversion is supported.
Link to original post, here.

Attempt at rebuilding the Egypt levels in Dxtre3d, but that appears to be impossible.
Link to original post, here.

Test level generated with Dxtre3d, successfully converted to PS1.
Link to original post, here.

Latest video of this project [outdated now]:

Atlantis comparison screens between PC and PSX.
Link to original post, here.

Video shows that Atlantean Stronghold and The Hive have been converted successfully. Save crystal placement still needs some work, but it's basically completely done. There is however an issue with the Egypt levels, caused by something that is unknown at the moment. So the project will be on hold until further notice.
Link to original post, here.

This level is really getting there. Room lighting has been fixed and it looks so much more atmospheric now. Some textures have been fixed as well. Progress has been going a bit slow lately, but it got a drastic improvement today.
Link to original post, here.

Atlantean Stronghold is still in development, about 90% done. Misplaced triangle textures will be fixed next. The Hive is being worked on.
Link to original post, here.

Video [now private] shows off Atlantean Stronghold in its final conversion stages. There are major texture improvements and actual save crystals. 
Link to original post, here.

Most textures in Atlantean Stronghold have been fixed, so this level is almost done. 
Link to original post, here.

A lot of textures have been fixed in Atlantean Stronghold.
Link to original post, here.

Video [now private] shows that a lot of progress has been made. There are now objects and items, plus the camera has been fixed. The only big issue left is the misplaced textures. 
Link to original post, here.

Additional info from the designers of Unfinished Business (quoted from Stella): 
According to Philip Campbell, the level designer for Unfinished Business, the Atlantis levels were meant to be played before Return to Egypt, and Lara was intended to start with only the pistols. In an interview with Theresa Jenne from tombraiders.com, Campbell explained, "That sets them at the correct difficulty level (i.e., expert). You have to start without pickups and only with your pistols. Then, the shotgun is easy to get, and I provided plenty of shells to influence the player to use it, and perhaps also influence the style of play—slow and stealthy. The Uzis are then not available until the second level, and they are in a special place (the 'shop window' in the big Lava room). The magnums are reasonably well hidden in the first level."
Gh0stBlade may use this level order, but he'll most likely just use the PC order.

Video [now private] shows level with no objects and items, a lot of graphical issues, camera issues and misplaced textures, but the rooms are all there. 

This project has been approved by a moderator, so we're fully allowed to talk about it. I'll update this thread whenever there are more updates.

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